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Everything you need to succeed, from friendly and helpful support and a fast patent process to high quality virtual prototype design and a huge network of companies eager to pay royalties for new inventions.

We’ve simplified inventing with our easy, 3-step process.

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Patent search your idea.

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File a provisional patent application.

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Create an invention portfolio.

Marketing for royalties

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Our mission was to reinvent the invention industry by creating a more streamlined model for helping inventors through the patent and licensing process. Today, we are helping inventors from all over the world.

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Our 3-step Inventor process

Get started with your invention idea.

Conduct a professional search

Patent Search

  • Conducted by third-party, registered U.S. Patent Attorneys / Agents
  • Returns a list of existing U.S. patents most relevant to your invention
  • Shows companies that you have taken steps to research your idea
  • Allows you to make an informed decision about whether to pursue your idea
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File a provisional patent application

Provisional Patent Application

  • Protect your invention for 12 months while you develop and market it to companies
  • Gain immediate "patent-pending status"
  • We help you compile, edit and communicate your invention info to a registered patent attorney or agent
  • Easy to file, no patent claims required
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Prepare your invention for success

Invention Portfolio

  • The Invention Portfolio is the primary tool used for sharing your invention with companies looking for new inventions to license for royalties or for new products available for wholesale or acquisition.
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Marketing & Licensing Your Idea

Typically, inventors and entrepreneurs are trying to find companies willing to license and pay royalties for their inventions rather than manufacturing and going to market on their own. Or, if the invention is fully developed they may be trying to wholesale or sell the product to a large company. Either way, we can help.

Licensing for Royalties

Licensing is when a company pays you ongoing royalties in exchange for permission to make, use or sell your invention. Typically, the company will pay all of the costs to develop, manufacture and sell the invention and pay you a royalty from sales of the invention.

Selling Your Invention

The main difference between “selling your invention” and “licensing your invention” is in the transfer of rights. When you sell your invention, you are transferring the rights or ownership of the invention. Licensing is like “renting” your patent rights or invention, which allows you to retain ownership of your invention.

Wholesale & Distribution

For inventors or entrepreneurs with fully developed product with inventory, we can help you connect with companies looking to wholesale product directly from you. Through our marketing and licensing process, we target retailers, wholesalers and other companies looking for innovative products to wholesale.

What are Royalties?

Royalties are ongoing payments made to the inventor as a result of a license agreement and they are usually calculated as a percentage of the revenue received by the company from sales of the invention.